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Yoga Workshop @ Republic Of Fitness

Want to deepen your practice of yoga?
Curious about why we do these poses?
Want to learn more about yourself?

Then this is a workshop for you.

Yoga Workshops are an incredible way to understanding not only the ethos of yoga, but also the ethos of yourself. Through this process, we will learn how to take the practice of yoga off the mat and into our daily lies.

We will first begin with a short, invigorating flow to get the body + mind together. Then we will cover the yoga pose basics, such as warriors, twists, back bends, and salutations. From there, we will teach the Sun Salutation series which is an incredible flow that is great for waking the body up in the morning and greeting the day.

After the practical matters, we will discuss some of the ethos behind yoga as well as the purposes of vinyasa and yin practices. 

We will then do a few visualization and breathing techniques, which are designed to reduce anxiety, anger, fear and depression. Finishing the visualization practice, we will end the workshop with a few yin poses to soak in all the learning.

Ending the workshop we will serve tea and refreshments, and we hope people will stick around and have some friendly chats.


Republic of Fitness

Westport Business Park, Lodge Rd, Westport, Ireland F28 P0E6


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