Root Yoga: Ancient / Scientific / Dynamic … and it works.


Look, I’ve been teaching and practicing yoga for a long time and I’m here to say… it’s not for everyone, and there is a lot of nonsense out there.

Which is why we do things differently at The Yoga Root. We are multi-trained teachers from cross disciplines here to deliver courses that are safe, effective, and evolving.

Through several disciplines of embodied health we can truly support any practitioner in the path they wish to take.

And it works… because it allows you to show up as you are, not as Instagram expects you to be.

Check out our classes to see just what we mean.

Derrick Dark, Founder + Root Yoga Instructor


Yoga Class Schedule

We teach many classes around Westport. We have morning, day, and evening classes. Visit our timetable to see the schedule and breakdown of all we do!


Somatic Movement

Have you “tried it all” when it comes to getting out of chronic pain, tension, and inflexibility? Have you spent precious time and energy on clinical appointments only to have the issue come back in a few weeks? Have you lived with mild chronic pain most of your life?

Then this is for you. Click below to learn more.


Em-Body Sessions

These individually tailored sessions are for anyone ready to fully immerse and invest themselves into whole mind / body health. Whatever the issue, be it chronic back pain, constant anxiety, or just seeking to unravel the mystery of your body our personal yoga teachers will help get you there.