Root Yoga: Ancient + Scientific + Dynamic … and it works.


Look, I’ve been teaching and practicing yoga for a long time and I’m here to say… it’s not for everyone, and there is a lot of nonsense out there.

Which is why we do things differently. From neuroscience to philosophy of mind, from ancient documents to modern belief… there is no one path. Instead of being sacred and stale, the path to wellness is a living, breathing, and ever learning path.

I’ve had a long life; from severe depression, social anxiety, drug addict parents and sleeping in cars as a child… I tried everything to find some serenity. And what I found is that it doesn’t live in any one system or culture, but rather about integrating the old with the current, the scientific with the spiritual, and it must start with simply accepting who and what we are.

And that’s what we do at The Yoga Root. We accept you as you ARE, not what you or we expect you to be. It’s not about handstands, flexibility or karma… but about uprooting what has taken hold, and planting what will nourish you.

Let us help you discover your own way to wellness.

Derrick Dark, Founder + Root Yoga Instructor


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