At The Yoga Root, we believe in accessibility above all and our terms and conditions are very flexible. We offer refunds, free courses, or donation based attendance. Please see below for details.


Reserved Classes:

In order to reserve a spot in class, you must pay for that class ahead of time. If you let us know at least 1 day before the class, you may get a full refund for the class; just send an email or call. If you miss the class with no notification, you are not entitled to a refund but you may get into another class at another time for free. Just let us know and we will work you in.


If you reserve a workshop, you must notify me within 2 days that you may not attend for a full refund because space is very limited. If you miss the workshop without a 2 day notice, then you are entitled to 50% refund.

Drop-In Classes:

Most classes allow drop in attendance. Payment is made in cash at the end of class, and placed into the money box. We will be using an honor system, so please put the amount in that's asked and take change as needed. 

Yoga Therapy:

The first session of yoga therapy is 50 euro, for 1 hr. Each subsequent yoga therapy session is 40 euro per hour. Because yoga therapy is a one-to-one session with the instructor, we require a 2day notice to avoid any penalty. This is only because yoga session apps are with the yoga instructors personal time, outside of the studio. However, if you and the instructor agree to change the date/time, there is no penalty.

Donation Practice:

Yoga deserves to be full accessible to everyone. We understand that there is a population of people that will benefit yoga, but funding is an obstacle. For this, we offer "donation based practice." In all of our courses, there is a box where the money goes in for payment. If you cannot afford the cost of the class, simply put in what you can. We strictly do not monitor how much is put into the money box, so to avoid anyone feeling judged. 

Refund After Attendance:

If you've attended a class, workshop, or yoga therapy session and feel that it wasn't worth the money, please contact us. While we do not have a refund policy for these situations, we are willing to try and make arrangements that will work for all involved.