Movement is a combination of brain activity, nervous system communication, muscle flexion and release. We must address all three in order to understand why chronic pain, inflammation, and inflexibility arise.


A whole, mind-body approach to functional movement.

A whole, mind-body approach to functional movement.

Thomas Hanna, the founder of Somatic Movement, said “if you can sense and feel it, you can change it.” Somatic Movement is an embodied approach to physiotherapy; we address the entire system, from brain to body, to alleviate systems of tension and inflexibility.

Through neuromuscular re-patterning with functional movement, you become more sensitive to how the body works as an integrative system. While most clinicians in body work can tell or show you proper posture and movement techniques, unless you know how to re-pattern your connection to the muscle groups the knowledge is lost. Typically, we will always avert to an old habit in a couple weeks and then pain comes back… because the brain has learned a poor habit. With Somatic Movement, we are re-patterning muscle movements with neurological networks so the brain can truly learn how to walk, stand, and move with ease and without pain.

This is not a chiropractor or massage appointment; and while those will certainly get you feeling better, they only provide temporary relief. Somatic Movement Education will not only provide immediate relief, but also a way to avoid chronic pain altogether.


Muscle and joint pain are interlinked.

Muscle and joint pain are interlinked.

Somatic Movement increases athletic performance.

Somatic Movement increases athletic performance.

Learn to move with ease again.

Learn to move with ease again.

Somatic Movement is safe, effective, and transformative for anyone ready to take control of their functional movement health. Below is a list of benefits. 

pain releif benefits

Back pain - Bursitis - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Disc Problems - Frozen Shoulder - Joint Pain - Kyphosis (forward head posture) - Lordosis (arched low back) - Plantar Fasciitis - Sciatica - Scoliosis - Shallow Breathing - Tendinitis - Thoracic Outlet Syndrome - Uneven Leg Length

general benefits

Releasing chronic muscle tightness - Improving posture and movement - Reducing stress - Improving sleep - Improving breathing - Enhancing athletic performance - Preventing and recovering from injuries - Effectively warming up and cooling down from workouts - Increasing flexibility and range of motion - Improving balance and coordination

athletic benefits

Somatic Education is extremely beneficial for athletes in improving performance and avoiding injury. Daily practice of these movements will increase joint mobility and strength, reduce inflammation from over stressed muscles, and have longer lasting affects than stretching alone. Through Somatic Movement, you will develop a stronger awareness of how your body moves and responds to high-intensity workouts and excursions, giving you a stronger control and sense of autonomy.

prevention benefits

We are under constant pressure from gravity. At all times when we are not sleeping, gravity is moving into our bodies and through our bones down to the earth. Over time, if our posture and walking pattern isn’t in proper alignment, that pressure gets trapped in our neck, back, and pelvis and eventually we begin to arch, slouch, and have general discomfort with walking or standing too long. This typically shows up in neck, shoulder, lower back, hip and pelvis discomfort. Over time, through this poor posture we develop moving habits that keep the pressure in those areas, and then chronic inflammation and pain persists.

Somatic Movement will help address this misalignment, and eventually pattern a way of moving with gravity instead of against it allowing for soft, easy, and fluid movement again. 

typical session outline

Safe, effective, and immediately beneficial.

Safe, effective, and immediately beneficial.

These are 1 - 1 sessions with a trained professional in Somatic Movement. Whether in our studio or at your own home, this is what a typical session would look like:

  • Posture Analysis + Standing Scan. On the first meeting, we will perform a posture analysis to see how we are working with, or against, gravity. This will be both assisted by the instructor as well as you learning to discover it yourself.

  • Somatic Movement Coaching. After our analysis, we will begin learning Somatic Movements to address the more immediate concerns. Over time, we will begin addressing the entire system as a whole as we learn more complex movements.

  • Evaluation + Plan. If you decide that you’ve learned all the movements you need to learn and wish to practice solely on your own, we will tailor a program for your at-home practice. We do recommend semi-regular visits however as it’s always beneficial to have another pair of eyes to see what the body is doing during certain movements.

How many 1 - 1 sessions?

  • Sessions are €59 per class, and around 1.15 hrs long.

  • 5-Class Block is €275, saving €20.

  • All Partners of The Yoga Root receive 1 free session per year or more, depending on Partnership Plan, and a 15% discount off all other sessions.

This solely depends on your concerns and goals for Somatic Movement. The path of re-patterning how the body moves and responds to stressors can be both simple and complex. Simple, in the sense that these movements are safe, effective, and will provide immediate relief. Complex, because it takes time to truly begin to move out of years of habituation that created poor posture and movement in the first place.

Having a trained professional with a second pair of eyes can address if a movement is being performed correctly, and also notice if other patterns (like other muscles flexing when they shouldn’t be) show up when you perform the movement. Plus, there are many Somatic Movement and the more sessions we have means the more complex, and more beneficial ones, can be learned.

However, there will absolutely come a time when you feel your at-home practice of the movements is enough. Typically it takes about 5 - 10 sessions to truly get an understanding of the most basic movements, however.