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Fundraising Yoga Class to benefit Nurture Africa!



We are teaming up with Gina Corbett and providing a complete, full class of yoga to help raise funds for this incredible charity. All donations (yes, every cent you donate) goes directly to the charity! All bodies and yoga levels welcome, even brand new beginners!


Nurture Africa is an Irish founded Internationally registered Non-Governmental Organisation that works in Uganda with a targeted focus upon Healthcare, Education, Child Protection & Gender Equality and Economic Empowerment through business training and micro-finance projects. They are a non-denominational, non-political organisation. If you wish to get involved as well, you can visit their website at . 


This is a full, well rounded yoga class provided by Derrick @ The Yoga Root. No prior understanding of yoga is required; this is considered an all-bodies class, so everyone is welcome! Yoga is a whole body-mind exercise that builds strength, stamina, and peace of mind. 

Yoga has been scientifically proven to...

  • Reduces chronic pain, inflammation, and improves heart function
  • Helps relieve anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Proven to help you get a better nights rest
  • Build joint strength, physical stamina, and flexibility

Essentially, yoga is a holistic discipline that is scientifically proven to benefit you in a myriad of ways. Unlike many fitness regimes, yoga is a way of life; there is no age or body type that will stop you to continue. 


  • Newport National Primary School Gym, Glenhest Rd, 7 - 8:30pm. Bottom of road in Newport just before you head off to Achill, right hand side at the beginning of the Glenhest rd. Signs will be posted.
  • Cookies + Tea served 15 min before and after class.
  • Bring a mat, small blanket (wool is best), and wear loose comfy clothing. Some mats can be provided, but only a limited few.
  • Donations by cash only; any amount is helpful. We will have a box set up to drop the donations in, so it's completely anonymous how much you give. Yoga courses typically cost ~12 - 15 euros per class, but you can give less or more... it's purely up to you.
  • This a very large space, so bring as many people as you want! Even if they can only donate 1 euro, all are welcome!
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