Em-Body Sessions

Sometimes it takes an additional pair of eyes to help us get through some challenges we are facing, and Em-Body Sessions is designed just to do that. If you’ve “tried it all” when it comes to wellness yet still find you suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, muscle tension and tightness, or are just all around not feeling too well then perhaps it’s time to consider Em-Body Sessions.

These are 1-1 individually tailored sessions to dive in deeply to the root of the issue. Our approach to wellness does not include any one method or discipline; but rather a dynamic and integrative plan that suits your schedule and needs.

The sessions may include, but not limited to:

  • Somatic Education and Postural Analysis to find where muscle tensions and anxiety live, and slowly work it out so that you can finally become free from chronic pain.

  • Weighted Blanket Yoga, a deep, guided meditation with the assistance of weighted blankets, lite head/foot massage, bolsters and essential oils … to truly understand serenity and peace.

  • Qi Gong & Root Yoga training to learn how to settle stress and anxiety by developing a unshakable Body-World connection, and breathe with peace and ease.

  • Power Vinyasa workouts for those that seek more flexibility, endurance, and caloric burn while also grasping a strong Mind-Body connection.

  • Assisted Yoga with the support of bolsters, chairs, walls, straps, and such for anyone that seeks wellness but has more difficulty due to most services being ableist. If you are someone with a disability, be it in a wheelchair, bed bound, autism, etc we will do our best to create a course that fits your lifestyle.

  • Sensory Sessions, for kids and adults that are on the autism spectrum. These classes are tailored to fit the needs of the student, and generally include qi gong, tibetan singing bowl meditation, and a few yoga asanas. These classes must have a parent present, who will also be a part of the session.

All Em-Body Sessions are 100% confidential and discrete; this is purely a relationship between you & your teacher. The coursework can be decided after the first consultation and evaluation, or you may simply choose what courses you wish to do. Above all else, we are hear to listen to your concerns and address them with research, expertise, and compassion.

Em-Body Sessions can be done at our studio, or at another location you prefer (Westport Area) at an extra cost of €15… we will bring all the equipment necessary; just have a space that allows for no distractions. If you’re outside the Westport Area, the additional cost for an at-home visit will be negotiated between you and your teacher.


  • €89 for the first Em-Body Session - 1.5 hrs. This includes an evaluation, plan, and first embody session.

  • €69 per session - 1 hr, and €15 additional if travel required.

  • 1 session FREE per month for any Premier Partner of The Yoga Root.*

  • 15% discount for seniors, students, people with disabilities, and un-waged people.

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*Premier Partners are granted one free Em-Body Session per month, but must book at least 2 weeks in advance to secure a spot. Free Em-Body sessions do not accumulate.