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Currently we are operating out of two locations as we seek a studio of our own. Below is the address of both locations. You’re welcome to come by 10min before or after class if you wish to talk 1-1, or you may call/email at any time. Partners of The Yoga Root are welcome to come to any class, any time.

Clew Bay Hotel, Westport

Monday: 11:15am - 12pm, Sensory Yoga for Adults with Autism
Thursday: 10am - 11am, Gentle Yoga + Somatics
Thursday: 6pm, Mens Yoga

Westport business park, lodge rd (next to brodericks)

Sunday: 7pm, Root Yoga
Tuesday: 7am, Morning Yoga
Wednesday: 7:30pm, Root Yoga


Derrick Dark - founder + director

Email (preferred)


You are also welcome to fill out a form with your inquiry by clicking the button below.