The Embodiment of Truth

How Water interacts with Water

The western mind has understood truth in the framework of it being rational, legalistic, objective, and separable from the world. When we consider truth, we consider the blanket, simple statement and evaluate if that statement is ‘true.’ While this can be effective in computer programming and discrete mathematics, it has no place when considering the human being as a whole being. We are fully immersed within the world, and the world fully immersed within us; we co-determine each other. You cannot study a water molecule to understand a wave, nor a wave to understand a water molecule. In fact, to understand the magical properties of water that sustain life, one must acknowledge how water interacts with water, which is where all the beauty and power of water lives. We too are like water; wholly bound to the interaction between each other and the container in which we are immersed in.

From this point of view, there is no truly objective reality; there are no facts about this world that are beyond some involvement from humans. While many may disagree with such a notion, stating that rocks are rocks regardless of interaction, but they will forget that the very notion of classification, study, and data recording is an invention and interpretation of human interaction.

Embodiment of Truth re: Speaking

So where does this leave the embodiment of truth, in regards to speech? Any utterance from our mouths is fully immersed within our body and within the world. We all know this, because we speak very differently when in a church, bar, grocery store, etc. We also speak differently depending on who is near us, or who we are speaking to. In essence, speaking is co-determined by the us and the world in which we are immersed. So in order to speak with truth, one must dig further than simply “not telling a lie” and into how they truly feel, on a fundamental, primal level. The task of embodying truth is parallel with the task of becoming self-aware; one cannot exist with out the other. Speaking within awareness grants serenity and authenticity, and brings loved ones closer. Alas, to embody truth is now parallel with creating love.

If we speak against the body, or outside of awareness, we are separating ourselves into parts; which is the ultimate sin. When our speech doesn’t align with our true selves, we’ve taken our voice and made it a separate entity which casts a shadow on a part of ourselves. This separation not only splits us into composite parts, but also extends the distance between us and others for they are hearing an utterance that doesn’t belong to who we are. When we do this, we are not embodying truth and creating distance between ourselves and loved ones.

How do we speak against the body? Well, we all do this daily. “I’m fine,” when inside you are aching and longing to be held. “No worries,” when you know what was asked of you is too much for you to handle. “No one really likes that woman anyway, she’s always complaining,” when you really wanted to say that she has upset you and you haven’t resolved it. This isn’t to say that when any stranger asks how your day is that you suddenly let your cup runneth over and spill all the T. We work within a western society with many norms of engagement, and it’s important to be mindful of these social mechanisms. However, you would be surprised at the amount of care that is spontaneously ready to be given. When people speak truthfully, their speech is fully tethered to who they are and how they feel, it ignites a fire within their world and those around will feel the warmth and be drawn in to share their truth as well. In my years of study, I’ve noticed that the more authentic my speech becomes the more comfortable people around me become. Because to embody truth means to create a space of acceptance. When people hear someone speak truthfully, it gives them permission to do the same.

Embodied Truth pulls people together. It’s the hydrogen bonding of social interactions, because people are communicating with their whole beings. Furthermore, the more we learn our truth the more we learn ourselves and peel away the conditioned layers from society, parents, trauma, etc. Eventually we get to a place where we begin to really feel the connective tissues of love that firmly tethers us all together. As we speak with embodied truth, we begin to learn how much love and compassion we have for everything. Truth, compassion, and love are inseparable from each other. When one begins to falter, the others go too. However when one begins to shine, the others will too. 

Think of a time when you last thought someone was ‘genuine’, or ‘authentic’…. and think of the reasons why you thought they were genuine. Chances are that those people have said things that were a bit rocky, unconventional, perhaps even rude…. but they are also very kind people. In fact, I have difficulty thinking of anyone that I consider authentic that isn’t also extremely kind. As we speak with truth, we peel away the bonds that hold us down and begin to see the beauty of living.

Embodiment of Truth re: Listening

Embodied truth is also about listening. For instance, when your dear friend says “everything is fine” when your gut is telling you that they are certainly not fine, you are hearing their truth even though it’s not being said. This isn’t to say that your intuition is always ‘right,’ but rather that listening is much bigger than simply evaluating a string of words that compose a sentence. And if you see someone upset or angry, it means they are hurting inside and longing for someone to acknowledge it. We are all still children, just wearing adult clothes and doing adult things. When we lash out at people, we are simply begging to be loved. 

Remember, we are just like water; we love to be entangled with other particles. When observed up close, water is clashing with itself; the particles become intensely bonded to each other and then bounce of and become bound to another. We are precisely the same. Get any group of humans within observable distance of each other and they will immediately gravitate towards each other. They will fall in love, hate each other, fall in love again. They will make enemies with neighbors and lovers with enemies. But with embodied truth, the bonds become stronger and we can begin to feel the calm of a placid ocean while simply riding the waves.